Making Baby Food

We recently introduced “solid” foods to Theo, which has been so much fun. I decided to make purées versus buying them and it turned out to be pretty easy to do with the right supplies.

Here are some things I recommend to get started if you’re interested in making your own food and a few items for introducing the purées to your little one.

Vitamix – since we already had a Vitamix at home (I’m sure using any sort of blender would work just fine) we purchased another container to use for the purées just in case Theo had any allergies. A separate container helps contain to only foods that your little one is trying. I love how finely the Vitamix purées everything.

Steamer – we use this steamer and it’s so easy. You can just set it and leave it. So far we’ve steamed carrots, sweet potatoes, peas and green beans and all have turned out great.

Plastic containers – I pop these in the freezer with a single serving of each purée. Label them with the date and food and you can take them out as needed without feeling like you’re wasting or having to serve carrots for 7 days straight.

Spoons – Theo loves these spoons and they’re soft on his mouth as he explores (chews) using utensils.

Bowls – these stick to the table and you don’t have to worry about the bowl getting knocked over by a curious baby.

Bibs – we love this bib. It’s so easy to clean (just rinse it off) and it keeps Theo from getting purées all over the place. Once he starts feeding himself more often, I will likely get some of these full coverage bibs as well.

High chair – I heard great reviews on this high chair and you can’t beat the price. It was really easy to set up (you never know with IKEA) and wipes down quickly. Plus all-white goes well with our kitchen decor .. you know, the important things. 😉

Gathre Mat – we have this mat to go under the high chair and contain spills. I have two Gathre changing pads and love them. They’re aesthetically pleasing and functional as well. A mom’s dream.

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