Life Lately

It’s been awhile! Considering my last post was on finding our Christmas tree and we’ve since removed all of our Christmas decorations and are fully into the swing of 2016, it’s REALLY been awhile. But I’m back and I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with family and friends. Here are some photos from life lately…
We spent a long weekend visiting my in-laws in North Carolina the weekend before Christmas. We may have brought the cold Midwest weather with us, but that didn’t stop us from hiking and checking out some of the waterfalls near their house. Talk about a gorgeous place to live!


Christmas was spent between my parent’s house and my Grandma’s. My cousin, Megan, and her husband surprised us with a visit for the afternoon where we finally got to meet baby Grayson. He is the cutest, sweetest little guy.

We celebrated lots of birthdays over the past couple weeks. My brother and I met our Dad in Madison for an early birthday celebration for him at The Great Dane – best nachos in the Midwest, in my opinion, and I know my nachos. 😉

Jameson turned 5 on January 6th and we received the cutest photo from Central Bark Doggy Daycare. He’s starting to get a gray chin which doesn’t seem possible.

Andddd, I entered the last year in my 20’s with lots of champagne and a weekend spent in Madison. Here’s to looking forward to all that 2016 has to bring!






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