TGIF | 11.13.15

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend?

I have a fundraising event tonight and plan on spending the rest of the weekend Christmas shopping (you can never be too prepared) and doing some serious cleaning, food prep and relaxing. I am getting so excited for the holidays which are right around the corner and have some planning to do in advance (my brother is rolling his eyes right now).

Here are some things I’m loving:

  • Isn’t this wreath the most gorgeous ever?!
  • Alright Barbie, alright!
  • Nordstrom is currently having their fall clearance sale – I’ve definitely picked up a few things … oops.
  • I bought this gravy base for our family’s Thanksgiving at my parents. My Mom always uses this brine for our turkey and it turns out ah-mazing – highly recommend (they also have a Fam & Friends sale going on – 20% off, folks!).
Last weekend we went hiking in Kettle Moraine. There are not too many things I love more then a good 5 mile hike with my guys.

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