TGIF | 10.23.15

Happy Friday, friends! I hope everyone had a great week and is ready for the weekend. I plan to get all my winter clothes out of storage (exciting!) and meet up with some friends to watch the Badgers on Saturday, possibly sneak in a brewery tour, because #wisconsin. It’s also a big weekend in the Lull household because we have a head to head match-up in Fantasy Football. Come on team “European Style”!

I think my most exciting Friday find is that Adele released a new song from her upcoming album – thank.goodness. It’s been way too long since her last album (which I pretty much listened to on repeat for 2 years straight). I love that her last album was her “break up” album and this upcoming one is her “make up” album. If you haven’t listened to her new song “Hello” on repeat 40 times already like myself, check it out below. November 20th cannot come soon enough!

Click here to listen to Adele – Hello


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