TGIF | 9.25.15

I’m back! Sorry for the radio silence. I did some serious social media/electronic disconnecting on vacation and it was wonderful. I highly recommend it and am going to try to do a better job of avoiding (sometimes obsessive) checking of those outlets.

We got back from Italy late on Wednesday night and are working on recovering from the time change. I was up bright and early at 4:30 today! Oh jet-lag, you’re the worst. It did give me time to make a homemade breakfast before I went back to work though (positive thinking!). However, 5pm can’t come soon enough.

Looking forward to a weekend catching up with some of our favorites. We’re getting dinner tonight with my brother, meeting my parent’s for brunch tomorrow, picking up Jameson and stopping in Dillon’s hometown to see some friends from California and meet their sweet baby boy.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Italy posts to come soon.

Nights on the beach in Cinque Terre… oh, how I already miss you.

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