TGIF | 8.28.15

I am so looking forward to this weekend. Tonight, Dillon planned a date for us. I don’t know where we are going … all I know is that we have dinner reservations at 8:15 (how sweet is that!). He passed an industry designation test last week (after months of studying and prepping) and I am so proud of him. Looking forward to celebrating tonight!

We are spending the rest of the weekend with Dillon’s parents who are visiting from North Carolina. I’m excited to spend time with them after not seeing them for way too long (boo to distance) and Jameson cannot wait to see them either (and all the extra love he gets). And to round off the weekend, Sunday we have are having some friends over for our 2015 Fantasy Football Draft. This is year 7 of the same league and I’m sure there will be more on FF on the blog in the future … I have a love/hate relationship with it (ugh, Monday night 2 point losses at the last minute I’m talking about you).

Anyways, here are some other things I’m loving these days:

  • Sneaky little twins
  • My key for Sunday night’s picks
  • We have an abundance of fresh rosemary from the herb garden. I’m going to try this recipe out to use some up.
  • One of my favorite pictures of my Grandpa and I that I’ve been using as a bookmark

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